Your most important asset in life is your health for without good health you cannot enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. Unfortunately, good health comes with a price and that price gets steeper every day. The price I am talking about is the time, energy and money you must invest to acquire and incorporate the knowledge to counter constant environmental toxicity, stress and depleted nutrient intake. Additionally, your health depends on filtering out the false health information to which you are exposed. Our goal is to provide the public with a destination where dialogue, up to date information and tools are available to reach optimal health. Clarified Health will be yours, your family's and friends' "partner" in that health journey.   become-a-member3

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Enjoying the Journey



The following categories will contain important health tips in each of these areas.  The archives link will take you to all the tips in that category.

The delivery of a baby via C- section deprives a baby of the inoculation of microbes by the passage through the vaginal canal. If a C-section is necessary swab the birth canal and inoculate the baby’s mouth to begin probiotic growth.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can result in gut dysfunction. Immediate treatment should include natural anti –inflammatories, Glutathione applied to area of trauma and probiotics.

Vitamin K2 is critical for bone and cardiovascular health. K2 in Natto, chicken, cheese and eggs helps keep minerals in bones for strength of bones and removes minerals from blood vessels which was making them inflexible and fragile.

Cancer cells and tumors exist best in a body where there is sugar (food for cancer cells) but without oxygen. The best ways to prevent cancer or to treat cancer is to flood the body with oxygen while not consuming sugar. It is important to fight cancer by eliminating all forms of sugar (search all terms for sugar) and avoid it.

Evaluating your genetic code can customize your health care. Knowing specifically what your genes are doing (genotype) will allow you to proactively work on the health issues that are specific for you.

Hair follicles in the skin can regrow hair by increasing skin circulation and stopping testosterone from becoming DHT. Boron is also critical to help the follicles grow hair.

One of the greatest sources of body toxicity are the toxins reabsorbed from stool that is not leaving the bowel. In other words the toxins in constipated stool coming back into the body are a very unhealthy source of toxins. Treatment involves colonics, eating fiber, probiotics and getting the autonomic nervous system functioning to result in better gut mobility.

Unhealthy bacteria are basically the cause of tooth decay and gum disease (periodontal disease). By consuming probiotics and holding fermented vegetables in the mouth to compete with decay and gum infection causing bacteria will prevent cavities. Additionally consuming vitamin K2 will help stop these bacteria which cause decay and gum disease.

Where Are You in Your Health Journey?

I'm a beginner. overweight As a beginner start your health journey slowly.  Add (or eliminate)  1-2 things at a time and make them a habit before adding other healthier practices.
I'm intermediate. intermediate Customized health will be important for your health program.   These are activities and products specific for your goals and physiologic needs.
I'm advanced. advanced For advanced people nearing their top health the areas to optimize are nutrition, detoxification, immune system enhancement, and physical activity.   There are many nuances in each area that will fine tune your health.


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