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Hello! My name is Dr. Bob Johnson and I am going to discuss the issue about the most important coach YOU will ever need.

Your health is the most important “possession” you have. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation that does not address today’s health issues that it is no wonder chronic illness, pain and debilitating disease is on the rise for all ages.

The US’s predominant health care system and model exists to manage illness and suppress symptoms.

That is NOT the way to become healthy.

The real health model should be how to identify, prevent and / or treat the causes of illness not suppress the symptoms.

Doesn’t it make sense to prevent cancer, diabetes or fatigue by removing the causes of these illnesses not wait until advanced disease becomes evident.

Treating advanced disease is invasive, crippling, expensive and compromises your life if that is when intervention occurs.

Prevention or identifying and eliminating illness in its earliest stages is noninvasive, more predictable, more successful, less costly and is rarely crippling.

Prevention or early detection and treatment nevertheless needs a significant amount of health information and almost always a health coach or advisor.

Unfortunately, a health coach or advisor who is highly knowledgeable about health, knows how to identify illness in its earliest stages or at its inception, is not focused on just 1 or 2 areas of the body and has a host of solutions to today’s specific health challenges, is difficult to find.

Fortunately, I have been a health coach and advisor to people of all ages and levels of health for over 15 years.   My clients have covered the spectrum of health issues from minor health problems to severe chronic illness.

The tools I use for health coaching are drawn from all disciplines.   Where necessary I work closely with different practitioners including physicians.

Your health should not depend on false or incomplete knowledge or a health model that waits for you to be unhealthy.

There is no good reason for you to live with illness, fatigue, or pain despite living in a toxic, stressful environment.

Not only do I coach individuals and families but I advise health and productivity issues for corporations and organizations.

The knowledge and tools to become and remain healthy exists. Tap into that knowledge and live a long, healthy and productive life.

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Looking forward to working with you to achieve optimal wellness for decades.