Researched, Confirmed Strategies Experts Use to Achieve Amazing Health and a Drop-Dead Physique

Losing fat takes work especially if you are trying to lose weight around your belly.    There are not only esthetic issues but more importantly losing belly fat has critical health implications, eg decreasing cancer risk, decreasing diabetes, significantly lower inflammation and insulin, decreased pain and much more.

Nevertheless, weight loss is very achievable but takes effort.  Without effort weight loss and by association vastly improved health cannot be achieved.

The following fat loss (especially belly fat loss) secrets and strategies are effective and are the accumulated best recommendations from the world’s top healthy fat loss experts.  Losing weight is critical but maintaining weight loss while preserving health is the key.

  1. Slowly eliminate processed foods and increase whole foods: These foods located in the middle of the grocery stores are low in nutrients and fiber.   Digesting good nutrients actually burns more calories.
  1. Eliminate soft drinks: Switch to water with lemon.   Soft drinks have high levels of sugar and are very acidic both of which result in fat and weight gain.   Studies (2012 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) show soda elimination is one of the most effective weight loss strategies.
  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Incorporating several short (30-45 seconds) bursts of high intensity exercise (incorporate into a workout to reach 90% of maximal heart rate)  is highly effective at dissolving fat and improving brain function.   Use HIIT 2-3 times per week.

HIIT can be used with swimming, running, biking, weight lifting or other activities to raise heart rate.

  1. Weight lift often: Greater muscle mass burns more calories, increases metabolism and increases all cells’ sensitivity to insulin so the body will not store fat.   Alternating heavy and light weights within one workout is the most effective weight lifting strategy for weight loss.
  1. Reduce carbohydrates and sugar in its many forms: This is one of the best strategies for weight and fat loss.   If you are consuming carbohydrates group them together in a meal then follow by minimizing carbohydrates and sugars for several days.   This is called carbohydrate recycling.
  1. Drink lots of Green Tea: Green Tea accelerates metabolism and fat burning.
  1. Significantly decrease drinking Alcohol: Alcohol consumption stops the burning and metabolizing of fat within the body.   Alcohol calories are empty and increase storage of fat around the mid-section.
  1. Reduce Stress: Stress results in release of cortisol by the body.   Cortisol slows metabolism and stimulates abdominal fat storage.   Stress also increases food consumption.    To decrease stress exercise and Emotional Freedom Technique (do a search of EFT to learn this powerful technique) are powerful stress modifiers while Omega 3’s and Vitamin C are critical to step up fat loss.
  1. Reduce time between exercise tests: 30 seconds of rest between exercise increases the heart rate and burns significantly more calories than long rest periods between different tests.
  1. Optimal amount of protein combined with low carbohydrate and sugar consumption: Eating proteins should be done with digestive enzymes while large amounts of protein over load the body’s enzyme pathways (specifically the mTor pathway) of protein incorporation which is unhealthy.  Over consumption of proteins is stressful for the kidneys and will interfere with weight loss.
  1. Intermittent fasting: There are various forms of fasting but avoiding eating 12-15 hours per day is conducive to fat burning.    Try skipping breakfast or dinner but avoid eating within 3 hours of going to sleep.   Exercising after fasting for 12 hours will significantly stimulate fat burning enzymes for the long term.
  1. Increase intensity of weight lifting: Increasing either the number of reps (repeated lifting of weights) or speed of lifting increases fat loss.
  1. Getting More Sleep: Exhausted bodies have slower metabolism and the energy required for fat burning is reduced or not available.   Optimal sleep for 7-9 hours has been shown by a Stanford University Study in 2004 to correspond directly to optimal weight loss and healthy hormone balance.   Determine your optimal amount of sleep.
  1. Improve workout recovery: Massages, rollers on sore muscles or alternating a hot and cold shower (aka contrast showers)   will decrease inflammation and factor that improves fat loss.    The best time to incorporate muscle protein is a 30 minute window after exercise.   The worst time to consume carbohydrates that increases fat formation is during that same 30 minute interval after exercise.
  1. Continually hydrate: Metabolism requires hydration and water is needed to flush toxins after exercise especially the lactic acid.   Significant water consumption has been shown to increase metabolism for 30 minutes.
  1. Healthy Iron Levels: Iron is needed to transport oxygen to cells.   If cells do not have adequate oxygen metabolism slows and the Energy producers in cells (mitochondria) are hindered.   Low oxygen impedes detoxification within cells.
  1. Customize your Insulin:    Chronic circulating high levels of insulin is unhealthy because insulin controls fat     Decrease insulin by decreasing sugar and carbohydrate consumption.
  1. Fully chew your food:  Better chewing improves digestion and slows eating to consume less food.   Fully chewing food combined with slower eating increases nutrient absorption.
  1. Decrease condiment usage:  Condiments like sour cream and salad dressing all add empty calories.  Minimize them or eliminate all together.
  1. Incorporate the Best Exercise (Squats): Squats increase strength and dramatically increase fat burning because squats develop a wide variety of muscle groups.   Learn the optimal form yielding the best squat results.
  1. Plan healthy meals: Healthy meals are better when planned ahead rather than spur of the moment eating or consistently eating in restaurants.
  1. Learn to jump rope: Jumping rope either as a stand- alone exercise or as an “appetizer” to the primary workout will burn a significant number of calories.
  1. Grapefruit juices to decrease insulin: People who drink grapefruit juice before meals lose more weight.  Grapefruit juice helps flush excess insulin from the blood stream to normalize the function of the insulin.
  1. Substitute a health snack:  Instead of a sugary, unhealthy snack substitute a whey protein shake.   This increases protein and decreases sugar consumption.
  1. Free weights are better than weight machines: Free weights burn more calories than weight machines as they exercise more muscle groups.   This increases metabolism and accelerates weight loss.
  1. Music for a better workout:  Music has been shown to increase the length and intensity of workouts.
  1. Accelerate your weight lifting: Accelerate your lifting workout as a faster workout burns more calories than slow steady lifting over a longer period of time.
  1. Workout when depleted: One of the best ways to increase metabolism and lose weight is to workout at the end of your intermittent fast such as first thing in the morning.    The only fuel source available when your sugar and carbohydrates are depleted (this is at the end of your intermittent fast)  is fat.    Training your body to burn fat is critical to weight loss, normal cholesterol levels,  a clean liver and to improve long time energy levels.
  1. Home cooking is the best:  Simple, healthy meals at home are generally healthier than restaurant food.   Eating out generally consumes meals with greater calorie content.
  1. Monitor your weight loss: Documenting your progress (a camera or journaling) will support your progress.  Avoid measuring only weight as the sole judge of fat loss and health.   Your weight is only one indicator.
  1. Your weight loss program is more effective with a partner: Find a partner(s) to help push and motivate you in your weight loss program as there will be tough times to push through.   This is where a partner will help.
  1. The miracle amino acid for weight loss and workout intensity:  The amino acid L-carnitine (2 grams twice a day) will dramatically increase muscle growth and allow for greater work out intensity resulting in greater fat loss.
  1. A secret supplement for fat burning: Double blind studies have shown that the supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) increases fat loss as much as 15%.   Use 1.8 grams of CLA three times a day.  CLA is especially effective with exercise.
  1. Fiber is King: fiber in whole grains, lentils, green vegetables and raspberries will improve bowel function, bowel health and elimination.   Normal bowel function and elimination will prevent over eating.
  1. Digestive enzymes and a healthy Gastrointestinal System: Digestive enzymes at meals and glutamine supplement will heal the Gastrointestinal (GI) system.   A healthy GI system will improve nutrient absorption and body health.   This is necessary for achieving healthy metabolism and normal body composition.

Remember healthy, long term weight loss takes time and effort.   Start to incorporate a few of these at a time to make them part of your daily routine.   That is how to achieve your healthy, optimal weight.

*Critical Note for Diabetics*

Diabetes/prediabetes complicates weight loss.    A medication free system to reverse diabetes is contained in the following site:

This system combined with the 35 strategies above will facilitate even the most resistant bodies to achieve their fat loss goals.  The only real impediment is your motivation.

The best of luck to you,

Remember to enjoy the journey,