Dr Bob Johnson Bio for Clarified Health

Dr. Bob has worked more than 3 decades as a Biologic Dentist and has studied extensively in Naturopathy, Integrative Medicine and Osteopathy.

He has collaborated in the development of 2 Integrative Health Clinics. He is also a former national class athlete in the marathon and has completed 2 Iron Man Triathlons. This interest catapulted him to work with athletes, optimal performance and individual health coaching for people requiring top results.

He continues to study and consult with the leaders and researchers throughout the world on a wide range of health topics. One of his greatest resources is his extensive network of top clinicians with whom he consults regularly.

Dr. Bob is also an avid student of the latest health developments especially as they impact contemporary health issues.

These issues cover the spectrum of relevant health topics in the world today including GMO’s, toxicity, DNA research and Anti-aging.

Dr. Bob’s passion for optimal health, his energy, intellectual curiosity, pragmatism and communication skills identify him as an ideal person to optimize your journey to ideal health. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University and his dental degree (DMD) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Words from happy customers:

“I was dealing with several health problems and had a pill for each but without resolution.   I was told my prescriptions were probably for life however 2 friends mentioned I should contact Dr. Bob as a health coach and 3 months later my problems were gone.   His knowledge, caring and professionalism were second to none.”
J. Prisler