It is becoming well known that a good healthy population of bacteria (probiotics) is critical for Gastro-intestinal health.    This probiotic population (microbiome) impacts a wide variety of health issues and illnesses including vitamin production and absorption, nutrient digestion, sleep status, brain health, immunity, diabetes, obesity, yeast infections, allergic reactions, energy levels, cancer and cardiovascular disease just to name a few.

The microbiome can be disrupted by unhealthy diets, lack of probiotic consumption, pesticides, toxic chemicals, infections, stress, and many different medications, especially antibiotics.   A disrupted microbiome is called dysbiosis, a causative factor to most chronic diseases.

In the past 1-2 decades increasing research and product development was dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of the microbiome.   The concept was that providing and incubating healthy probiotics would overwhelm unhealthy microbes including yeast, viruses and pathogenic bacteria.   The research focused on providing higher concentrations of probiotics  which were stronger and more customized to a patient’s gut issues.

This research has culminated in the development of Bravo Yogurt which not only repopulated a diverse strong probiotic population but one that targeted and stimulated the immune system (macrophage activating factor- GCMaf), improved digestion and the spread of probiotics to the brain for better cognitive function.

Simply repopulating the gut works wonders with improved gut, digestive and immune health.   This approach helps eliminate many acute and chronic health issues especially infections elsewhere in the body.

An Old Technology for a New Health Problem

Nevertheless treatment of dysbiosis with a “tsunami” of probiotics is not as effective when virulent Gastro-intestinal infections exist such as E. coli, Clostridium,  Klebsiella or a wide variety of parasites.     These infections usually remain even when probiotics are continually provided with Bravo, high concentrated probiotics and fermented vegetables.

The solution to these virulent infections lies with an old treatment developed by Eli Lily in the 1940’s which lost favor with the development of antibiotics, the very drugs which eventually produced massive dysbiosis in so many people.    This “old” solution is called bacteriophage (phage for short) technology.

Bacteriophage means bacteria eating and can be successfully customized for particular bacteria invaders.   By killing these virulent bacteria through customize bacteriophages the microbiome is now able to flourish.  This results in a truly healthy Gastro-intestinal system so critical to overall health.

A new product called Florassist GI with Phage Technology by Life Extension is a mixture of Phage “cocktail” with high levels of probiotics.

More than 50% of my clients have these virulent bacteria despite continual consumption of probiotics from many sources.   They are responding well to the use of Phage technology with probiotics.   Overall health and prevention of chronic illness is dependent on a healthy microbiome which can only achieve its optimal health effects when the microbiome can exist without the virulent microbes so common in many people’s guts.

Enjoy the Journey,

Dr Bob