Ginger is a root that has been around for years but is just beginning to receive acclaim as an amazing natural “medicine.”

Ginger is actually effective in health enhancement throughout the body.   It is both a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.   Inflammation and oxidation (development of free radicals) are the underlying causes of cancer, arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, brain degeneration and many other chronic illnesses.

Ginger (the gingerol component in ginger) is very effective at reducing the pain of arthritis, migraine headaches, muscle pain (especially post exercise), fibromyalgia and more.    Multiple studies have shown the efficacy of ginger as a pain reliever.

Imitrex is the accepted pharmaceutical standard for migraines but powdered ginger has been shown by several studies to be equally effective as a treatment for migraines without the negative side effects.

Ginger and Cancer

A component of ginger (6 shogaol) has been shown to be effective (compared to Taxol) not only killing cancer cells but Cancer stem cells (these are not killed by chemotherapy drugs) which are responsible for cancer recurrence and metastasis.    This was reported by Kelly Herring.

Ginger as a treatment (especially in conjunction with other treatments) for cancer should be highly considered as it doesn’t produce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and can assist the body detoxifying the toxins associated with traditional chemotherapy.    At the very least ginger should be considered as a component of an entire cancer program as well as cancer prevention.

Cancer and Nausea

It has long been known that ginger is as effective for motion sickness as the drug Dramamine.

Ginger is highly effective to quell morning sickness in pregnancy without any jeopardy to the developing baby or with the development of birth defects.   Use ginger for nausea after surgery or during chemotherapy for the associated nausea.

Ginger, Brain Degeneration and Memory

Ginger and the closely associated turmeric are strong anti-inflammatories and as such are effective at combating the development of Alzheimer’s.   Ginger has been shown to dissolve the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s.

Acetylcholine is a critical brain chemical necessary for learning and memory.   After acetylcholine is produced in the brain it is removed by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase.   Ginger stops the acetylcholinesterase activity to keep acetylcholine available longer in the brain.   This improves both learning and memory.

The brain toxin and food preservative MSG damages nerve cells.   Ginger reduces the toxicity of MSG to lessen brain degeneration when consuming MSG.

Ginger and Diabetes

52% of the US population has diabetes or prediabetes.   Diabetes is really an inability to control blood sugar usually because the cells that need sugar become resistant to its entry (insulin resistance).  Diabetes damages the blood vessels throughout the body.

A study by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition showed ginger dramatically increases the many cause of unregulated sugar metabolism including fasting sugar levels, HbA1C, insulin resistance, triglycerides, C reactive protein (CRP) and prostaglandin E2.  These are all markers for diabetes and are improved with ginger.   Diabetics  (diagnosed or prediabetes) should be taking ginger in some form to reduce or eliminate the damage to blood vessels and tissues induced by diabetes.

Ginger, Heart Disease and Strokes

Ginger has been shown to decrease the blood vessel lesions (atherosclerosis) contributing to heart attaches and strokes.

Ginger and Blood Clots

Blood clots cause numerous problems especially in the heart, lungs, brain and other vessels.    Ginger is instrumental in dramatically decreasing blood clots by stopping platelets from clumping together.

Ginger, Fat Burning and Metabolism

Ginger raises metabolism to help burn fats more effectively and produce more energy.    It also suppresses appetite so you consume less food / calories.  Ginger should be used by all trying to lose weight.

Ginger and Other Benefits

Ginger has also shown to decrease fatty liver disease, assist in detoxification,  effectively treats migraines, increases energy and protects cells after the exposure to radiation.

Ginger is truly an all -around herb to use for treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases, illnesses and dysfunctions.

Fresh ginger has high levels of gingerol and dried ginger contains high levels of shogaol that fights cancer.

Ginger can be used as a tea, in smoothies, on salads or as a supplement.

Ginger mixed with vodka or tequila can be healthy mixed drinks which actually extract higher levels of healthy phytochemicals from the ginger.

Ginger should be an important supplement for anyone wanting optimal health or to prevent chronic diseases.   It is a critical component of my health program.

Remember to enjoy the journey,

Dr Bob