A new probiotic, immune enhancing product is forcing the medical communities throughout the world to take notice.
The product is called Bravo Probiotic Yogurt and has been researched extensively in Europe and Australia. It is now available in the US.
Bravo consists of 42 healthy microbial strains. These 42 probiotic strains not only supercharge the digestive, brain and immune systems but produce GcMAF a natural immune cell enhancing protein.
GcMAF (Macrophage Activating Factor) activates the body’s macrophages (specific white blood cells). Activated macrophages attack disease causing microbes (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungae) as well as cancer cells.
What Bravo Yogurt is doing is to super charge the immune system to fight viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer cells and other invaders.
Many viruses and cancer cells actually suppress the immune system. Bravo Yogurt reactivates the immune system to fight a wide variety of illness and cancer. Research has shown positive effects with Bravo against
• Multiple infections
• Herpes
• Hepatitis B / C
• Allergies
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Type I Diabetes
• Parkinson’s
• Fungal Infections
• Many gut problems
• Dementia
• Autism
• Sinusitis
• Autoimmune Diseases and
• Many more
Bravo Yogurt has also shown great results fighting cancers. These cancers include
• Bowel
• Breast
• Prostate
• Brain
• Kidney
• Liver
• Lung
• Pancreatic
• Cervical
• Oral cancers
• Throat and
• Many more

There are little to no side effects or contraindications (children and pregnancy use is fine and recommended) to using Bravo Yogurt other than minor discomfort for several days if viruses and cancer cells are dying off.
Bravo Yogurt is an amazing tool to optimal health that is available today.