Only read this if you want to accelerate healing, increase energy, stop infections, reverse painful joints, recover from stressful burnout and improve mental performance!!

The secret of accelerated healing and top physical and mental performance is no longer just available to world class athletes.
The technology of Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies developed by Dr. Rainer Klopp for top athletes treats the body at the smallest vessels known as microcirculation.
This technology, called BEMER, normalizes small vessel circulation to tissues and cells. This addresses the causes of most diseases or trauma by improving circulation and allowing all cells to dramatically accelerate healing.
The Proof
Pub Med in addition to 46 publications have verified the healing capacity of Pulsed EMF’s on all cells to positively affect healing, recovery and regeneration.
The following conditions respond amazingly to BEMER technology:
• Improved circulation- helpful for so many conditions eg diabetes
• Strengthened immune system
• Increased energy
• Arthritis
• Mental and Physical performance
• Reduced negative effects of stress on the body
• Decreased pain, especially arthritis
• Improved sleep and recovery during sleep
• Herniated discs
• Slower aging
• Organ and tissue regeneration
• Surgical Recovery
• Many more beneficial effects
I encourage you to go to our membership site to hear the interview with Dr. Magda Havas on the technology of Pulsed EMF’s.
The world is for the amazingly healthy, mentally focused and highly energized members of our species.
You can now join that group of top performers. I hope you will explore the Bemer technology today.
Make sure to enjoy the journey,
Dr Bob