The Critical Connection for Every System in the Body

The brain and its importance to overall health are now being revealed.   Brain degeneration as evidenced by the increased awareness of neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, ADD, Autism to name but a few) is grabbing many headlines and conversations.   A big reason is that as our population ages a growing percentage of the boomers and senior citizens develop brain dysfunction.

What few understand is that the critical connection and reason for so much brain dysfunction originates in the gastrointestinal system.   As such, resolving these growing brain and nervous system illnesses requires that treatment must resolve Gastrointestinal problems simultaneously.

How the Brain and Gut Communicate

It is important to understand that connections and pathways of communication between your gut and brain.

First, many areas of the brain control gut function including the frontal cortex, the Vagus nuclei and hypothalamus.   Likewise, the gut communicates back to the brain via peptides (short protein units) and the Vagus Nerve which travels from the brain to the gut.

The gut is where 80% of the immune system is located and a huge part of the Nervous System is located.   In fact the gut is called the second brain because of this extensive Nervous System network.

The brain actually controls food motility through the intestines and stomach, release of digestive enzymes and blood flow throughout the Gastrointestinal System.

Brain compromises (e.g. loss of memory, poor cognition) usually start in the Gastrointestinal System and brain dysfunction will quickly lead to digestive dysfunction, constipation and microbial overgrowth.

Leaky gut (undigested food leaking into the blood) can lead to multiple allergies and a number of chronic health problem initiated by poor  stimulation from the brain.    Leaky gut and poor microbial gut health (probiotic balance) have been associated with many chronic illness including  Alzheimer’s, autism, MS, cancer, diabetes and more.

Traumatic Brain Injury and its Effect on the Gut

There have been numerous studies showing the connection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to long term Gastrointestinal problems.   These include digestive disruption, irritable bowel, intestinal permeability, immune compromises and massive inflammation originating in the gut.

This inflammation can lead to many common illnesses such as arthritis and a host of autoimmune diseases which destroy tissues and organs throughout the body.

Gut dysfunction also leads to a disruption of neurotransmitters such as serotonin (feeling of optimism and well- being), dopamine (movement and anxiety) and acetylcholine (cognition and memory).   Dopamine compromise eventually leads to Parkinson’s Disease.

To prevent or treat brain dysfunction it is wrong and ineffective to just treat the brain.   Brain degeneration must also decrease gut inflammation, probiotic growth in the gut, resolve constipation (you are constipated if not having two bowel movements every day and getting bloated after eating), repair leaky gut and kill pathologic microbes such as H. Pylori.

Healing the Gut

To heal the gut digestion must be improved, gut repair must occur (Glutamine and Repairvite are excellent products for gut healing and repair), constipation resolved, food allergies mitigated, stress reduced, parasites eliminated and a healthy, healing diet must be followed.

It cannot be over emphasized that  brain health and degeneration prevention of the brain must begin in the gut.

I am told by my patients they would rather have any illness except brain degeneration so they cannot even recognize their family.

Brain degeneration should be prevented because fully blown brain dysfunction is not resolvable.   Brain health begins early in life not when obvious brain problems are observed.

The following are life style choices that minimize the chance of brain dysfunction / degeneration later in life:

  • Healthy nutrition- low sugar consumption
  • Constant hydration and minerals consumption
  • Avoiding Traumatic Brain Injury- if TBI occurs rub Glutathione over the area of the head hit and consume lots of Glutathione (liposomal) orally
  • Exercise; learn and utilize High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for top brain health
  • Optimal Sleep (many sleep factors including elimination of snoring)
  • Blood sugar control (poor blood sugar control dramatically accelerates brain degeneration especially with diabetes)
  • Vitamin A, D3 and K2 intake; in foods, supplements and sun exposure for D3
  • Brain Oxygenation (many ways to oxygenate the brain;   brain cells need oxygen to function optimally and prevent degeneration)

Finally, to prevent brain dysfunction make sure your gut is healthy.

A new technology call Bemer (  is unique and effective in maximizing blood flow (oxygenation) to the brain and all other tissues.

The brain- gut connection is one of the most important connections in the body that prevents chronic illness when healthy or stimulates degeneration when the connection is disrupted.

Health begins at birth and continues  through life.  Don’t wait until illness rears its ugly head.

Remember to enjoy the journey,

Dr Bob