How can great health be a curse?
With the many clients and patients I work with the primary motivation for most is to resolve an urgency or symptom that is making their lives uncomfortable or manifesting as an obvious illness.
This may include pain, an obvious dysfunction or problem that alerts them to illness. It is much less frequent that preventive health care or early intervention is practiced. This includes patients and health practitioners alike.
The lack of symptoms or obvious dysfunction does not always mean the presence of top health. In fact many illnesses or diseases take a long time to manifest to where a person will seek intervention.
An example of this is breast cancer. It takes about 7-9 years to manifest a breast lump or a clinical lesion. At the time a breast tumor can be detected with a self-exam or mammogram it is generally a well advanced tumor and will need significant intervention.
Everyone is exposed to health challenges
We are all exposed to environmental (epigenetic) health challenges, unhealthy lifestyle choices (some more than others) and genetic imperfections (mutations). These will eventually break down our body’s defenses resulting in disease or illness.
The fortunate people have strong resistance to illness. This includes their detoxification system, immune system and nervous system which do a great job of resisting and overcoming lifestyle and environmental challenges.
Those fortunate enough to have great health rarely have the health alarms warning them to seek health care intervention. This is the curse of great health- the lack of obvious warning signs.
Nevertheless, the environmental, lifestyle and genetic compromises are present for everyone and eventually will result in aging or illness.
What I commonly see is someone who has experienced great health throughout life frequently contracts a devastating illness (cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, etc) that has been building for years but was ignored or was not detected until late stage.
Health intervention, prevention and an optimally healthy life style should not be only for the people experiencing health challenges.
Points to consider for Truly Great Health
Whether healthy or not there are several important points to consider as each of us is ultimately in charge of our own health.
1. Determine the level of health your desire. Your level of health is directly related to the effort and resources you invest in your health.
2. Regular, early detection health testing is critical. Thermography, biofeedback and many lab tests should be a regular routine.
3. Combining the concepts of traditional and holistic health is best as each has its strengths and weaknesses.
4. Continue to incorporate healthy life style practices.
5. Eliminate unhealthy lifestyle practices. The less of these the healthier you will be. If allergic to wheat and you continue to eat it you will be less healthy than if you avoid wheat.
6. Have a genetic test. Determine what areas of your health need more attention and what must be avoided as indicated genetically.
7. Become familiar with early warning signs especially recurring ones. Pain, constipation / diarrhea, fatigue, mood changes, adverse reaction to certain foods are examples of early warnings.
8. Regular health care and dental appointments are important. Holistic minded practitioners should be on your health team and selected before emergencies occur.
9. Find a highly skilled health coach or consultant as many traditional practitioners do not promote health but manage disease.
10. Become knowledgeable about your specific health issues as it is the best investment you will ever make. You should be your own best physician.
Just because you are in “great health” don’t assume you can ignore taking care of your health. Those in “great health” should view it as a blessing to be prized and protected rather than an excuse to be complacent about your health.
Try not to be a person who only values their health when it goes South. There is nothing more important than your health and if you are lucky to have a head start (beginning with great health) try not to abuse it or take it for granted.
Remember that it is imperative to enjoy the journey. Great health allows for greater enjoyment of life.
Dr Bob