Amino Acids–  The constituents of proteins which your DNA directs the construction of.

Antioxidants–   Products that stop the damage from Free Radicals which are atoms/ molecules which have lost electrons.   These atoms steal electrons from other atoms and tissues which causes health problems and aging.  Antioxidants include Vitamin C, Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

Beta Blockers–   A drug that prevents the stimulation of tissues with adrenalin.   Used to treat heart rhythm problems, blood pressure, anxiety, heart attacks and angina (heart pain).  Examples include Atenolol, Propranolol and Nadolol.

Blood Sugar–    when we eat (especially sugars or carbohydrates) it raises the circulating sugar in our blood.   Insulin binds to the sugar and in health pushes the sugar into the cells where it is used.  If the body does not do this well it is called diabetes which is unhealthy.

Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)-   This is an extra lining of the blood vessels in the brain to protect the brain from toxins and microbes leaking into the brain.

Calcium Channel Blockers–  Drugs that decreases heart electrical activity, heart muscle conductivity and decreases the force of heart muscle contraction.   It also dilates arteries to decrease blood pressure.  Examples include Verapamil, Nicardipine and Diltiazem.


Dopamine–   One of the brain chemicals (neurotransmitter) which helps to motivate, fight depression, handle stress, reduces anger, helps finish tasks and gives a sense of worth.

GABA–   Another brain chemical which helps deal with anxiousness, panic, inner tension, relaxes the mind, keeps attention.

Genomics–  The study of a person’s DNA genetics for the purpose of treating that person in alignment with their genetic makeup.

GMO–  Short for Genetically Modified Organism.   These are plants with altered genetics by the chemical companies to be able to tolerate pesticides like glyphosate.  There is deep concern that GMO’s are not healthy.

Neurotransmitters–   These are the brain chemicals which allow the nerve cells (neurons) to communicate with each other.

Organic–   Foods grown without pesticides or meats and eggs from free range animals raised on organic food.

Oxidation–   This is the basis for the aging process in which tissues lose electrons.   This interferes with energy production and creates Free Radicals that causing aging and chronic illness.

Parasympathetic Nervous System–   The part of the nervous system which automatically slows functions in the body (eg heart beating) and is critical for body healing and recovery

Probiotics–   These are the good bacteria in the gut which are critical for good health.  They assist with food absorption, immunity, making various chemicals and keep the invading microbes under control.

Proton Pump Inhibitors–   A drug that decreases stomach acid by blocking the enzyme in the stomach that produces stomach acid.  Examples include Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium.

Serotonin–    Another brain chemical responsible for feeling pleasure, joy, fighting depression and to assist in getting deep sleep.

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SRI’s)-   A drug to block the removal of Serotonin in the brain in treating depression.  Examples include Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft and Celexa.

Sleep apnea–   When the body has compromised oxygen uptake during sleep as with snoring the lower oxygen levels is termed sleep apnea and is very dangerous to health.