“What does the Doctor take to be healthy?”

I am often asked what nutrients I take to be healthy. A large body of research supports not only my client recommendations but also what I choose for my own health. Two categories of nutrients must be addressed for optimal health.

The first group is composed of the customized nutrients specific for the health issues at the time of my assessment.

The second and most important group are nutrients which are the foundational products that predictably support cell health.   The cells are where all the metabolic action occurs and where health begins.    If your cells are healthy you will be healthy and if your cells are diseased and dysfunctional you will manifest illness and disease.

That is why I chose the Vitality Combo Pack from Markit Health.

The Vitality Combo Pack continually proves how effective it is for my patients and for me personally.

These highly researched products demonstrate why they are so effective.

Vibrant and Clear (V & C) Phospholipids is the first of the two foundational products.    In this age of hyper-toxicity, super infections and low nutrient levels our cells and the cell’s energy factories (mitochondria) suffer massive damage.

The phospholipids and glycolipids are specifically formulated to enhance and restore not only our cells and cell membrane’s potential but the mitochondria in our cells as well.

When cells are healthy and their mitochondria remain Energy powerhouses, optimal health and reversal of aging are the result.

The second component of this powerful nutritional duo is DAILY Metrix.  The research behind DAILYMetrix has produced a product second to none for total nutrient delivery to every cell.   DAILYMetrix contains all Natural ingredients, 74+ Natural Vitamins, Amino acids, Phytonutrients, Whole foods, Digestive enzymes, Fatty acids, Herbal Botanical Elements and more.

The genius of DAILYMetrix is the use of Humeric & Fulvic acid, nature’s secret delivery system, to deliver the 310 vegan based nutrients directly to your cells for their immediate use.

V&C Phospholipids in combination with DAILYMetrix make the most powerful foundational health restorative and maintenance team that supports all other nutrients to function optimally whether from food or supplementation   That is why I chose the Vitamin Combo Pack by Markit Health as    MY  foundational supplements and strongly urge you to do the same if your goal is optimal health.

For more info, check out www.clarifiedhealthoptimal.com