It is well documented that caloric restriction significantly extends life spans.   Unfortunately most people are unwilling to undergo low caloric intake to achieve the benefit of longer life decades in the future.

A 2016 study revealed that providing magnesium supplementation actually mimics the biologic effects of caloric restriction.    As such both magnesium supplements and caloric restriction will both add healthy years to your life.    A critical issue here is that magnesium is epidemically deficient in a majority of the population and as such many people are susceptible to the illnesses attributable to low levels of magnesium including a significantly shorter life.

The important issue here is to understand how both magnesium uptake and caloric restriction add healthy years to your life.

What holds the answer as to why these factors increase life expectancy it is important to understand the concept of R loops.

What are R loops?

When DNA replicates occasionally the DNA strand bulges and loops on itself due to the presence of toxins and occasionally as a result of RNA interference.

These DNA bulges or loops are called R loops and cause instability in the DNA.   This leads to death of cells or uncontrolled duplication of the DNA leading to the formation of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Studies have demonstrated that a higher number of R loops lead to chronic illnesses including  Cancer of the breast and ovaries as well as a number of diseases associated with degeneration of the Nervous System.   These include ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Your longevity is obviously at risk when you are more prone to these chronic illnesses.


Mechanism of R loop formation

Further discoveries have clarified the connection of both magnesium and caloric restriction to the development of R loops  and associated diseases.

When cells transport magnesium into their inner environment it actually reduces the formation of R loops by up to 68% resulting in more stable replication of  the DNA.

Furthermore,  caloric restriction was shown to stimulate magnesium transportation into cells duplicating the positive health effects of magnesium.

Both magnesium supplementation (independent of caloric restriction) and caloric restriction decrease the formation of R loops.    This helps cell DNA duplication become more stable resulting in overall health improvement and increased longevity.

Magnesium deficiency is quite prevalent in the US (poor magnesium in our foods) and is one of the largest factors increasing  the formation of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Foods which contain higher levels of magnesium include:

  • Kelp
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Wheat Bran
  • Almonds
  • Mixed nuts
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanuts
  • Black eyed peas
  • Lentils
  • Kidney beans
  • Spinach (lightly cooked)
  • Soybeans
  • Cashews

Just to name a few sources of Magnesium.    Digestive enzymes with meals ensure the digestion and absorption of adequate magnesium levels.

Supplements of magnesium should be in the form of ascorbate and Bis-glycinate Chelate.

In summary,  adequate magnesium intake and /or caloric restriction are two highly effective strategies to prevent very damaging diseases and to dramatically add many healthy years to your life.

Remember to always enjoy the journey,

Dr Bob