The Secrets to Prevent and Effectively Treat Respiratory Illness

The flu and respiratory season is upon us.   Any one of these illnesses can keep us down for 7-10 days or more.   If these flu and respiratory illnesses linger for greater than a week they can become a more dangerous pneumonia.

The CDC reports that more than 50,000 deaths a year are attributed to pneumonia, the 8th leading cause of death in the US.

Pneumonia can affect anyone at any age and at any time but the young, old and immune compromised people are the most susceptible.

Symptoms of impending or ongoing pneumonia are green, yellow or bloody sputum, shortness of breath, shaking, chills, fatigue, headaches and chest pains.

Whether it is bacterial or viral pneumonia (bacterial pneumonia is treated with antibiotics) it is critical to understand that the flu, bronchitis or respiratory infections are usually the precursors.

With this in mind and given the time of year we are in, the best strategy is either to prevent flus and respiratory infections / illnesses or treat aggressively with natural treatments.

Prevention is certainly the best approach for the more susceptible (elderly, young or immune compromised) people or when someone in a household contracts one of these respiratory illnesses.   Children regularly bring home these infections for the whole family to share.

What to avoid to prevent respiratory infections

One of the biggest contributing factors to respiratory illnesses or flu is high sugar, carbohydrate consumption especially during the holidays.   Sugar and carbohydrate intake compromises the immune system severely so that we cannot combat the ubiquitous flu viruses and bacterial infections.   My suggestion is to try to minimize sugar and carbohydrates (stop consuming soda which is practically the worst offender on our planet) while increasing healthy fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables.


What you can do to stop flu and respiratory illness in its tracks

Increase the good gut bacteria with probiotics and fermented foods such as Sauerkraut.    A healthy microbiome (gut probiotics) should stop the infecting bacteria and viruses in their tracks.   I am even suggesting to my clients that they hold the fermented foods in the back or their mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing so the probiotic bacteria can reach the lymphatics, sinuses, throat and brain more effectively.   This will suppress the bad microbial disease causing activity where they are living.


Here are products to either prevent or to rapidly resolve early infection:

  1. Vitamin C- consume up to 3000 mg / day.
  2. Vitamin D3- intake should be between 10,000 and 50,000 International Units to raise the blood level greater than 50 nanograms / milliliter for best infection fighting capacity of the immune system.
  3. Zinc lozenges- Zn acetate appears to be the best form of Zn.   To be taken throughout the day or take 50-60 mg twice a day.
  4. Selenium in the form of Seleno-methionine- 200 micrograms
  5. Garlic- high allicin (9000mg) or aged garlic (3600 mg) between meals.
  6. DHEA- take early in the viral process (25-100 mg early in the day).
  7. Melatonin- 3-40 mg at bedtime to help sleep, support the immune system and provide a powerful antioxidant.
  8. Whey protein- fortifies the immune system and all tissues with amino acids for repair after viral damage.
  9. Reishi Mushrooms- these are good for prevention as Reishi Mushrooms enhance early immune system responses to infections.
  10. Finally I suggest that all my clients drink lots of water to cleanse the toxins from the infections out of the body.

As I mentioned,  lowering sugar and carbohydrate not only prevents weakening of the immune system but prevents stimulating the adrenal glands unnecessarily.    You will need your adrenal glands to better mobilize the immune system.

Should you take the flu shot

The flu shot is best to avoid as the flu shot is formulated to fight last year’s viruses not this year’s viruses and as such is ineffective this year.  What makes the flu shot worse is that it contains mercury and aluminum for preservatives.   Both of these heavy metals decimate the body including the immune system.   I have found that a higher percentage of people who had the flu shot get the flu than people who did not get the shot.   If you combine the above preventive measures while avoiding the flu shot this will give you the best chance to not contract the flu and other respiratory infections.

I also suggest avoiding fever fighting medications (eg Tylenol) because fever is our body’s natural defense mechanism to fight infecting bacteria or viruses.   Fever suppressing medications should only be used if the fever gets above 104 degrees Fahrenheit.   Suppressing a fever removes one of our best defense weapons for fighting the flu and other respiratory illnesses.

The best of all treatments:  The ace up your sleeve

Finally, I have been touting the amazing benefits of Bravo Yogurt and the Bemer technology.    Bravo is the “grand-daddy” of all probiotics and it stimulates the body’s macrophages to destroy the worst infecting microbes especially in severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

Bemer technology’s main functions are to increase circulation to all cells and tissues (this delivers all supplements, vitamins and medications to the point of infection at a much higher concentration) and to greatly increase the Immune System’s strength at the point of attack.

The Bemer, Bravo combination is the gold standard for disease prevention including the flu or pneumonia.   During treatment I have not seen any combination more effective at fighting the most virulent infections.

Don’t let the flu season affect you and your family.   An aggressive approach to prevention or early intervention is not only simple and predictable but will make this time of the year much more enjoyable and productive.