Recent Research Has Uncovered the Secrets of How You Can Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Immortality or even a longer life has been the focus of many researchers for years. There have been spikes in age expectancy with the development of antibiotics and knowledge that urban sanitation was critical for longer and healthier lives.

Increasing life spans have crept up slowly over the last 50 years. Unfortunately with the degeneration of diets (increased sugar and processed foods) and an alarming increase in toxicity these gains were negated and in some cases even reversed. Many feel our younger generations will not live as long as their parents.

Nevertheless in the last 2-3 years research has shed light on the aging process and how to actually reverse it. Several products, strategies and metabolic pathways have advanced the science of anti- aging dramatically.

Allow me to discuss these concepts in a bit more detail.

• Caloric restriction and the use of ketogenic diets (low sugar and carbohydrates) which lower food intake especially that of health damaging sugar and carbohydrates

• The development of a special food with a “who’s who” of probiotics and macrophages stimulators for optimal gut / brain health. This highly researched product is called Bravo

• The discovery of telomeres on the end of DNA strands that shorten as we age. Products to lengthen telomeres yields longer life

• The use of telomerase an enzyme to lengthen telomeres to reverse DNA degeneration and lengthen life

• Stem cell usage to regenerate most tissues and organs in need of revitalization

A new product that reverses aging

A new product (Cell Metrix) is now available that provides telomeres , telomerase and stem cells. This product alone with life style changes is demonstrating amazing advances in healthy and regenerative aging.
Recent research though has now uncovered 3 longevity pathways that will further enhance the Cell Metrix anti- aging components.

The Amazing Anti-Aging Natural Product

One product, Pterostilbene found in blue berries, has been shown to have amazing longevity properties. It has been shown to cause cancer cells to burst (apoptosis) while protecting endothelial cells that line blood vessels especially in the heart.

Additionally,Pterostilbene has shown an ability to clean out cell wastes to allow a cell’s mitochondria to produce energy more efficiently.

Pterostilbene’s positive effects on longevity stem from its effects on 3 metabolic pathways:

1. The first metabolic pathway is the mTOR pathway which triggers the development of chronic diseases involved in aging. Pterostilbene inhibits this mTOR pathway and stops most chronic illnesses to slow aging

2. The next metabolic pathway involved in aging is AMPAK. AMPAK regulates the production and use of energy. Pterostilbene activates the AMPAK pathway. When the AMPAK pathway slows, aging and weight gain accelerate. AMPAK activation with Pterostilbene decreases inflammation, normalizes blood sugar, decreases oxidative stress and decreases brain plaque formation instrumental in causing Alzheimer’s. Pterostilbene is thus critical in many facets of anti-aging.

3. The last anti-aging pathway is Sirtuin. Sirtuins are molecules which have broad anti-aging effects including DNA repair, normalizing metabolism, apoptosis of cancer cells and keeping telomere length (the DNA end pieces) stabilized. All of these antiaging activities are enhanced by Sirtuins which in turn are regulated by Pterostilbene.

The final anti-aging benefit of Pterostilbene is to eliminate the buildup of cell wastes called lipofuscin. Lipofuscin is involved in the initiation of Alzheimer’s and nerve degeneration.

Overall Anti-aging Effects Are synergistic

The powerful synergistic effects of Cell Metrix (telomeres, telomerase and stem cell regeneration) with Pterostilbene can not only regenerate aged cells and tissues but show or reverse the destructive aging factors. These factors include chronic illness, toxicity, oxidation and mitochondria inhibition.

The combination of Cell Metrix with Pterostilbene the product in blueberries and healthy lifestyle changes will be powerful in giving you many more years of health.

Enjoy the journey, Dr. Bob