Beginning your true health journey implies you are moving on from the traditional health model which focuses on naming a disease and suppressing symptoms with a drug.

The traditional health model is more suited to acute and emergency treatments and much less suited to preventive health care or healing from chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses include cancer, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, gut and bowel disorders, heart disease and neurodegenerative conditions.

The first concept in integrated (blending different healing models) health care is to identify the underlying cause(s) the body (the only true healer) is dealing with so it can better heal itself.   Underlying causes include infections, toxins, unresolved psycho-emotional issues including stress, structural imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or imbalances, hormone deficiencies or imbalances, energy (we are energy beings) blockages and genetic weaknesses (called mutations or snp’s).

The second critical issue for beginners to become healthy is to take responsibility for your health situation by learning from health experts (eg doctors, dentists, chiropractors) and taking your own action.   The healthier your life style and environment is the healthier you will be.   In other words be your own best physician.

Finally, realize that there NOW are answers and resources to assist you in reaching 100+ years in great health.

Clarified Health will have many answers on how to become healthy and maintain your health. Clarified Health will also identify sources of information and provide many tools to guide you on your optimal health journey.

Below are a couple of critical topics with which you must familiarize yourself to become and remain healthy.   The more you incorporate these ideas into your life the healthier you will become:

  1. Identify the many sources of toxins / poisons in your life and avoid or minimize them as well as improve your ability to continually remove toxins from your body
  2. The health of your body reflects the accumulative health of your cells. Respect your cells and continue to improve their health (link to cell health)
  3. Learn your genetic profile and focus health efforts on your genetic weaknesses so they will minimally affect your health (see 23 and Me)
  4. Try to avoid masking symptoms with drugs and focus on allowing the body to health by giving it what it needs to heal
  5. At times a drug is necessary but generally avoiding drugs or finding a healthier alternative is healthier in the long term (health coaching)
  6. The following should be supported in the body
  • Hydration of cells (Rehydrate)
  • Detoxification (detox remedies)
  • Digestion and absorption (digestive enzymes)
  • Enhance your immune (infection fighting) system
  • Antioxidants to reverse or slow aging (link antioxidant)
  1. A positive, joyful attitude is always healthier
  2. Disease or dysfunction of the body usually begins in the brain or the gut (gut-brain blog)
  3. There is a great connection between the gut and brain. If one is unhealthy the other will be unhealthy.
  4. Proper sleep, well timed physical activity and stress management are indispensable in health (click link)

These should be a wonderful beginning for your health journey. Feel free to continue studying and invest in your health. I also urge you to become a member of Clarified Health (link) to find more advanced concepts and specific techniques to dramatically advance your health.   The benefits of optimal health are amazing and well worth the efforts to become healthy.

Every week in the Beginners Journey to Health there will be a health tip that when taken in total will build your health to a level you would not have believed 6 months earlier.