Good Health is NOT difficult but you must know where to look

The greatest threat to your health is both misinformation and lack of information.
Health is just a choice but to make good health decisions for you and your family’s long term well- being you must learn about how to achieve and maintain health.

You cannot depend on the medical profession, Madison Ave, the government or another organization to help you reach health. Their focus is on treating illness and suppressing symptoms (eg pain, depression, fatigue) with drugs not to get you healthy. Health is up to you.

Who should undertake the Health Journey

If you don’t want to live a long healthy life or if you don’t care about losing your “marbles” from 70 years old and beyond stop reading this blog.

If you don’t mind taking drugs, only going to the doctor when there is a problem or continuing to hope cancer or Cardiovascular disease doesn’t sneak up on you then this blog is not for you.

But if great, vibrant health to 100, spending little time and money on doctors or stacking the cards in your favor for devastating illness is a desire then read on.

Steps to become healthy
The first step is to realize you are the person in charge of your health and that living a long healthy life without major illness is highly probable.

Nevertheless, for this to happen you must invest time, energy and money to become and maintain top health.
Time: Time to learn the strategies to become healthy and maintain health, time to exercise and evolve to a healthy life.

Energy: Energy to become proactive in your health journey and not just default to a drug or fast food. Energy to use the discipline to become healthy and overcome unhealthy habits and addictions.

Money: Money to eat organic, utilize practitioners who focus on health but are out of insurance coverage or buy supplements.

When to get a return on your health investment
Keep in mind that within 6 months you will be saving time and money to more than compensate for the extra time and money invested in becoming healthy.

Critical health concepts
You must understand several important concepts to become healthy.

First, is that there is no one more concerned about your health than you. Don’t delegate that responsibility to anyone else.

Second, although the occasional medication is necessary the pharmaceutical approach to health runs counter to true health.

Third, much of our food supply (especially processed non organic foods) is not healthy. One of the most health compromising substances is the pesticide Roundup or glyphosate on non- organic GMO foods and crops. Use organic.

Lastly is that the answers and effective strategies to live to 100 in health are now available.

The advantages of a healthy, drug free life are many and are well worth the investment of time, energy and money. When you truly want to take control of your health find the right health care team to “advise” you, learn about health and pursue health with great urgency as there is nothing more important.

The best time to begin your health journey is NOW as a bad health or good health journey will develop momentum depending on your approach and motivation.

Clarified Health will be your partner in learning how to become and remain healthy.
Always remember to enjoy the journey!!!!