All systems of the body share one factor.   That shared factor is their cardiovascular health or the health of your heart and blood vessels.   Because the circulation must reach all cells compromised Cardiovascular (CV) circulation either in the heart or to every cell reduces the nutrients and oxygen while reducing the ability to remove cell and tissue toxins.

When nutrients and oxygen are compromised and toxins accumulate the cells begin to die resulting in tissue and organ death.    This ultimately leads to disease and eventually death.   The liver, brain and heart are all critically sensitive to reduced levels of this molecule.

The molecule that restores compromised microcirculation to all cells is Nitric Oxide (NO) which was discovered in the 1990’s eventually winning a Nobel Prize for its discovery.    Nitric oxide is produced by the lining of blood vessels (the endothelium) and by the bacteria in the mouth.

Nitric oxide stimulates your blood vessels to dilate which dramatically increases blood circulation to cells, tissues and organs ultimately improving their health.

Unfortunately as we age NO production is compromised due to poor diets, lack of exercise and increasing exposure to toxins.


Who benefits from increased NO production

Although lowered NO production is inevitable with aging  the good news is that there are simple ways to restore NO production in the body as well as a remarkable  supplement to increase NO.    People who can benefit from NO production are:

  • Anyone over 40 years old
  • Anyone sick or aging that wants to restore their health
  • People with Cardiovascular issues or who want to prevent CV disease in the future
  • Diabetics or people with metabolic disease (low Energy, fatigue or Lyme Disease)
  • Anyone taking or has taken antacids (aka Proton Pump Inhibitors)
  • Anyone wanting to prevent chronic illness or who wants to slow aging
  • Anyone taking antimicrobials or those using oral antimicrobial mouth rinses
  • Athletes and anyone wanting to improve their performance. NO supplementation is a legal way to improve performance

As you can see NO is really for anyone especially as they age.   NO controls health by improving the health of blood vessel circulation.

By increasing NO in the body the following systems are immediately improved:

  • The immune system
  • The Gastrointestinal and urogenital systems
  • The respiratory system
  • To normalize cell proliferation (this is the problem with cancer, ie uncontrolled cell proliferation)
  • The central nervous system and help prevent neurodegeneration
  • The musculo-skeletal system
  • NO mobilizes stem cells for tissue repair and revitalization



Now that you can see the importance of NO it is critical to understand the ways to increase NO in the body.   They include eating green leafy vegetables, beets, exercise (especially High Intensity Interval Training –HIIT) and a highly researched Nitric Oxide product.

I personally have been taking a Nitric Oxide product with good results for my workouts and an obvious increase in my energy.

Testing Your Nitric Oxide Levels

Testing of NO levels is a simple, quick, saliva test.   The test strip will immediately indicate your body’s levels of nitric oxide and if you are deficient.

Dr. Nathan Bryan out of Baylor University who has researched Nitric Oxide for 15 years has shown that longevity is largely dependent on one’s Nitric Oxide levels throughout life.   Your levels of NO are affected by genetics and epigenetics / lifestyle / nutrition.

Because of the critical nature of NO and the ease of testing everyone should be testing their NO levels regularly.    As I stated in the beginning of this blog Nitric Oxide is truly the most important molecule in our body.

To find out more about Nitric Oxide and the simple, non- invasive test for Nitric Oxide levels contact me at

Please remember to Enjoy The Journey,

Dr Bob