As a health consultant I am often asked what I do to remain healthy.   If I am to advise others to be healthy it is imperative that I am healthy.

The reasons I maintain my health are two-fold.   The first reason is obviously to be healthy, to have high energy, absence of illness that would prevent me from being in top shape every day and to give my body the best chance to avoid life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Cardio-Vascular Disease.

The second reason I maintain top health is so I can advise others what products and life style changes will help them or what to avoid.   Even though we are all physiologically and genetically different it is important to explore what are the best tools for each of us.   Many of the products and strategies I use are what most people should utilize.

All my clients can be assured my recommendations are based on both research and my own trials.

Because so many people want to know what I do to remain healthy (I have not missed a day of work or school due to illness for almost 50 years) I thought it would be important to give you my list to help guide my readers or at least those who are searching for answers.

My recommendations are divided into 2 categories- products I take and personal life style practices.

As for the products I take:

  • Vitamin D3- critical for many functions especially immunity
  • Zinc- a critical mineral
  • Magnesium- essential for many functions.   Magnesium is chronically low with most people
  • Chlorella for basic detoxification
  • MSM- contains sulfur for enhanced detoxification
  • Whey Protein powder- great source of usable protein /amino acids
  • Coconut oil- a perfect source of healthy fats
  • Ginger- anti-inflammatory properties and so much more.   See my last blog on Ginger
  • Probiotics – both as a supplement and in fermented vegetables
  • Iodine- important for the thyroid and many other functions including immunity
  • Digestive enzymes with all meals. A must to digest food, absorb nutrients and prevent acid reflux.   Everyone over 35 years should take digestive enzymes at meals
  • NAC (N acetyl Cysteine)- powerful antioxidant,  liver detoxification, lung health, helps build brain neuro chemicals
  • Melatonin- a powerful antioxidant, antiaging and sleep
  • Adaptogens- for hormone balance
  • Lymph Drainage- for detoxification and enhanced immunity

I will be adding CoQ10 for the mitochondrial (power factories in cells) health and NAD+ for DNA repair and to help resolve chronic illnesses.

As for my life style here are the practices I follow.    Life style is so critical to overall health.

  • Exercising 6 days per week-   this includes stretching, strength work and Cardio-Vascular work which includes the occasional high intensity for brain health.   I usually do this after fasting for 12 hours to become a fat burner
  • My diet is mostly clean- lots of vegetables, omega 3’s, eggs, fish and low sugar / carbohydrates  (read Fat for Fuel by Mercola)
  • Occasional Dark Chocolate
  • Lots of clean water usually with lemon
  • Meditation and other stress reducing activities
  • Sleep in a healthy environment / bedroom
  • My own testing (blood, Zyto biofeedback) and use of Bemer to dramatically improve circulation to all cells in the body
  • Lots of laughing- research shows this is critical for a strong immune system and overall health

I will soon be doing my own genetic test to better fine tune my health products and strategies.

I know this list may seem extensive and probably a bit overwhelming for many but it was developed over time as I learned more and did my own testing.   They are now a habit and not difficult to follow.

It is critical to determine the level of health you want to achieve and do what it takes to reach that level without becoming OCD.

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Most important is to enjoy the journey,

Dr Bob