Scoliosis is an abnormal twisting or lateral bending of the spine.   My experience is that it affects about 25% of the population.   This twisting puts abnormal forces on the spinal segments which are constructed and oriented to withstand significant compressive forces not the lateral forces on the vertebra segments resulting from scoliosis.

The sideways bending of scoliosis forces bones of the spine to grow abnormally.   Eventually this damages the soft cushions between vertebra – intervertebral discs- resulting in herniated or ruptured discs.

Health results of scoliosis

The vertebral bending often results in chronic pain, respiratory distress, heart problems and disruption of nerves in the spine as well as nerves exiting from the spinal column.

From a physical perspective scoliosis disrupts exercise capacity, pelvic balance and creates leg imbalances.

The negative effects of scoliosis are far reaching within the body.

Solutions to scoliosis up to now included spinal fusions, implanted rods in the spine or medications to deal with pain and inflammation.  These solutions all present additional health and physical compromises while leaving the existing compromises in health and function.

The dilemmas of a dangerous spinal surgery or symptom suppressing drugs weighed against dealing with the continual spinal degeneration of scoliosis is daunting.

Your solution to scoliosis

NOW there is a noninvasive, healthy solution for most scoliosis patients especially if initiated before 30 years old.    This solution addresses the source for most scoliosis patients and begins in a very unlikely location- the mouth.

The initiation of scoliosis is the orientation of how the bone at the base of the skull (occiput) sits on top of the first vertebra (cervical #1 or Atlas).    If the occiput is tipped its relationship with C1 is tipped.  That abnormal tipping of occiput on C1 travels down the spine resulting in a compensating spinal twist called scoliosis.

Stated differently, scoliosis is simply a compensation to an abnormal occiput, first vertebra (C1) relationship.

The next question is what causes the tipping of occiput?

Occiput tipping originates from its relationship to the other bone at the base of the skull called the sphenoid.     An abnormal occiput / sphenoid relationship usually results from birth trauma and manifests as a scoliosis as the child matures.

The solution to this occiput / sphenoid tipping thus lies with unraveling this tipped relationship.     To unravel this relationship non-invasively a simple oral appliance can be utilized to straighten or level the upper jaw (maxilla).

Summarizing the head and spine relationships

Straightening or leveling the upper jaw with a unique dental appliance  straightens the sphenoid which in turn levels the occiput.   When the occiput is level the occiput / C1 orientation becomes level .   The ultimate effect is that the scoliosis immediately disappears.    Once corrected this treatment must continue for several months to allow the scoliosis correction to stabilize.

When the scoliosis disappears the pelvis becomes level and the left and right legs become symmetrically long.   I think it is obvious how far reaching scoliosis correction is for the health of the entire body as opposed to symptom suppression or invasive surgery.

I have performed this correction many times for patients with miraculous physical and health results.

The results are relatively quick, long lasting and non-invasive.   Many times the patient only becomes aware of the esthetic results along with the elimination of back, hip and head pain.   What I see with these patients are the life -long health corrections.

If you suspect a scoliosis in yourself or your child contact me at for further information.

Enjoy the journey,

Dr Bob