Other than your housing and food costs most people’s health costs are their biggest expense.   There are even those people that have very difficult health problems which ultimately are their biggest expense.

Before revealing the secrets to significantly reduce your health costs permit me to set the foundation about our health care system as it pertains to personal health care costs.

Basics of our health care system

First, our health care system insurance is very expensive.

Secondly, is that the biggest costs that comprise your insurance  costs are drug costs and insurance premiums.

Lastly, the traditional health approach is to mask symptoms of the illness not resolve it.  Resolving the problem vs masking the symptoms is more difficult but allows the illness to be resolved with little to no ongoing costs.

The best strategy to significantly decrease health care costs is to take responsibility for your health.   In other words become healthy (I will describe how to do that) as opposed to seeking a practitioner who will generally mask health problems with pharmaceuticals.   There will be times when medications are important but generally natural, less invasive solutions are effective, less costly and have few side effects.

Secrets for Top Health

The following are concepts to become healthier and reduce personal health costs:

  • Learn to eat healthy, avoid unhealthy foods (sugars, processed foods in the grocery stores middle aisles) and eat organic if at all possible. Use digestive enzymes at all meals
  • Drink lots of clean water
  • Supplement with minerals, antioxidants, vitamin D3, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and probiotics
  • Exercise is critical for health including health of the brain
  • Detoxification- removing toxins regularly as we live in a highly toxic world
  • Learn to identify and manage your stresses without medications
  • Use healthy, natural alternatives vs. medications where at all possible
  • Use non- invasive diagnostic tools and tests to detect health problems far earlier.   This includes thermography, electrodermal screening (biofeedback) and the Nutreval Test
  • Genetic testing will determine what areas of health on which you must focus (eg are you a poor detoxifier)
  • Develop a good health team prior to an emergency. This should include a chiropractor, biologic dentist , naturopath, acupuncturist and a physician who is philosophically aligned with your health orientation

When you become healthier with life style changes, minimizing medications and taking responsibility for your health you will be saving considerable health care costs.

Additionally raising your health insurance deductible will decrease your premiums significantly.   When you are healthier your need for expensive insurance is reduced as well as your costs.  Remember to retain control of your health not delegate your health to someone else.

The real secrets to decrease health care costs are prevention and early intervention are the best approach to your health.  The real answers to most health problems which are simple, effective and low cost are indeed available.

You must learn how to take control of your health (research, use of a health consultant or coach) and incorporate what you learn into your life.   True health is your best investment.

Enjoy the Journey,

Dr Bob