Secrets to the Best Sleep to Reach Optimal Health

Sleep is a critical factor in overall health.   It is estimated 50-70 million US citizens suffer from sleep disturbances and over one half of our population will experience frequent sleep disruption in their life.

The negative health effects of disrupted sleep including an inability to reach restorative REM include heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as shorter life spans.

Indirectly,  lack of sleep affects weight loss, endurance, depression, stress, anxiety, quality of the skin and even accelerates the shortening of telomeres on the DNA.  This leads to shortening of life.

The pharmaceutical approach using Valium, Xanax or Prozac to decrease anxiety, induce sleep or decrease stress have adverse side effects in many of the body’s systems.   These systems include the brain (alteration of nerve function), the immune system and the liver.     Additionally several of these sleep medications actually create a vicious cycle of increased anxiety while leading to more disrupted sleep and more anxiety.

Healthy Treatments for Sleep Disturbance

There exist 2 groups of treatments to assist with better, more restorative sleep; the external factors and the natural internal factors.

Sleep improves with the elimination of various external sleep disrupting factors.  First is the elimination of electronics (also keep the head away from electrical outlets) and ambient light in the bedroom.   Electrical frequencies interfere with healthy electrical frequencies of the body and brain necessary to reach parasympathetic dominant restorative sleep.

Darkness stimulates release of melatonin while light suppresses pituitary melatonin release while stimulating cortisol release which interferes with normal sleep.

Internal factors to improve sleep quality include controlling blood sugar and cortisol blood levels.   Blood sugar can be controlled with a protein powder drink at night and / or an adaptogen.   Adaptogens help to normalize hormone levels, especially cortisol.

The excessive release of cortisol by the adrenals will prevent restorative sleep.  Usually eliminating the causes of stress (eg. pain, poor blood sugar control) and adaptogens will normalize the cortisol levels during sleep as measured by an Adrenal Stress Index Test (ASI).

Natural Sleep Inducing Products

Three natural products have been shown to decrease anxiety and stress while increasing melatonin all intended to improve sleep and decrease the factors that disrupt sleep.

  • Melatonin is secreted by the brain’s pituitary when darkness arrives.   3-5 mg of melatonin daily has been shown to improve sleep with healthy people, those with insomnia and with those with chronic health problems including those taking Beta Blockers for cardiovascular heart problems.
  • Ashwaganda decreases stress and is actually an adaptogen meaning it normalizes hormone function and circadian rhythm. Ashwaganda also positively affects cancer, the immune system and the neurologic system.
  • The nutrients in milk called Bioactive Milk Peptides have been extensively researched.  They have been shown to enhance sleep, decrease anxiety and activate brain cell neurotransmitter sensitivity to GABA, serotonin and dopamine.    This is similar to what valium does without the side effects and potential addiction.

Enhanced Natural Sleep is a product that includes all three of the above powerful sleep inducers while decreasing anxiety and stress.

Optimizing your sleep environment while taking a natural sleep inducing product (Enhanced Natural Sleep) without health jeopardizing side effects will result in deep restful sleep.   These will not only enhance sleep but create a healing environment that will be critical to assist in healing most chronic illness.

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Enjoy the Journey,     Dr. Bob