Sleep allows your body to recover from the day’s activities. During the day our body tends to break down. Your sleep is the time your parasympathetic Nervous System is repairing your body. If you are not sleeping well you are not repairing the breakdown of your body tissues which have occurred during the day.
If you sleep poorly due to a poor sleeping environment, your body’s internal dysfunction such as disrupted melatonin, poor blood sugar or sleep apnea, then your body will not recover. When it is not able to recover, repair or heal your body will become ill and degenerate. This will eventually lead to chronic illness.
Let me discuss several of the principal reasons why you may be experiencing poor deep quality sleep.

1) Poor sleep environment

Your sleep sanctuary should be very dark, absent of noise, approximately 68 degrees F when sleeping. It should also be as devoid of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) (no electronics, cell phones and your head is far enough away from electric sockets) as possible. Deviations from these factors all lower the quality of sleep and prevent you from daily health recovery.

2) Low blood sugar

Counter midnight low blood sugar with a protein drink when going to bed. This will keep your blood sugar normal throughout the night and eliminate one of the major causes of poor, restless sleep.

3) Adrenal Imbalances

The saliva test to determine adrenal imbalances (ASI) during sleep is critical in measuring the adrenal’s contribution to poor sleep. Normal cortisol from the adrenals is the lowest at 11 pm and rises to its highest level at around 8 am. If there are no counter measures to normalize daily adrenal function not only will your health but your sleep will be disrupted. Normalize adrenal function for improved health and sleep.

4) Sleep Apnea

If airways are not kept open during sleep, snoring and decreased blood oxygen results. Decreased oxygen will hurt all tissue and decrease the quality of sleep. For most snoring and sleep apnea sufferers a simple dental / oral device can keep your airway open at night versus a bulky C Pap machine. An added benefit of eliminating sleep apnea is waking rested and not fatigued.

5) Minimal or absent melatonin

Minimal or absent melatonin secreted from your brain’s pineal gland can occur with the use of Fluoride which accumulates in the pineal. There are other causes of decreased melatonin as well. Use melatonin 30 minutes before you go to bed to obtain a good, restful night sleep. Melatonin is also a helpful tool to quickly normalize your sleep despite jet lag when you pass through several time zones.

These 5 are the largest contributors to poor sleep. It you are not experiencing good, restful, recuperative sleep determine which of the above is/are the culprits for your poor sleep. Poor sleep is one of the top 3 causes of ill health. Do not neglect the sleep factor when determining the cause of your poor health.
Dr Bob
Enjoy the journey