It may sound almost blasphemous to say that for optimal health and predictable weight loss you must stop counting calories. We have had the idea of calorie counting to reach our ideal weight and health goals pushed down our collective throats forever.
Calorie counting is the wrong focus despite the fact that calories consumed vs. calories expended is the biggest weight determining factor. This concept is wrong for two reasons. First all calories are not equal and second the type of calories you consume will totally reorient your body’s physiology.
Junk food or fast food calories such as with chips, ice cream and fries are not the health (or the potential to gain weight) equivalent of a salad, broccoli or salmon even though they may have the same number of calories.
The driving force in our body is to satisfy our nutrient needs and if your diet does not provide certain critical nutrients your appetite and cravings will not be satisfied. This is why after consuming junk food devoid of nutrients you will quickly become hungry. Over eating of nutrient depleted foods, especially carbohydrates and sugar will convert them to fat while you remain hungry.
When you consume nutrient and micronutrient dense foods not only is your body healthier but your appetite is quickly satisfied and your body will have few calories that eventually become fat. This fat is stored to help us survive a famine because of our genetically programmed physiology. With our readily available food, famine is not realistic as it was hundreds of years ago. Nevertheless we still have a tendency to over eat and consume worthless calories damaging our health while adding body fat on a daily basis.
If you are able to consume a high percentage of nutrient dense foods while maintaining regular physical activity your body will be healthier and you will quickly achieve your ideal weight. The problem is that the food industry and our government regulatory agencies have distributed a huge amount of false nutrition information and pack our grocery stores with unhealthy, processed foods made more desirable (not healthier) with sugars and health destroying fats.

A caution during weight loss

As a side note when you are eating and exercising to lose weight your dissolving fat cells will be dumping toxins into your body. Drainage remedies, consuming lots of water and proactive detoxification during weight loss is critical for maintaining health during your weight loss program.
The whole concept of special diets is not well directed and usually very ineffective for true, long lasting weight loss. The only concept that should be observed is to eat nutrient dense food. With this as your focus you will recalibrate your appetite and lose weight.
Further, most chronic illness will disappear including depression, ADD, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, many allergies and so much more when consuming a high percentage of nutrient dense food. By eating exclusively nutrient dense foods you will also decrease inflammation, the cause of so many damaging and destructive diseases.

Foods to avoid and foods to eat

Foods or additives to avoid are processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, soy, corn and wheat products, trans and most vegetable fats or oils (olive and coconut oils are healthy), convenience and fast foods.
Foods that are nutrient rich foods to be consumed include vegetables, fruits, free range and grass fed meats (avoid grain fed meats), unprocessed nuts, some oils (olive and coconut oils), eggs, fermented foods and wild caught fish. There are other healthy and tasty foods (research them for the best selection) but these will give you a good start toward health.
The best way to achieve health and reach your optimal weight is to learn which foods are nutrient dense and consume those while moving away from processed (nutrients are mostly removed from processed foods), chemical laden (read labels), nutrient devoid foods.
Once your eating is much healthier, your body will be able to resolve most of its chronic illnesses and any that remain will be more easily resolved.
Remember to enjoy the journey,
Dr Bob