There is little that gives people more fear than a tooth ache followed by their assumption they need a root canal.

If the nerve of a tooth dies that nerve needs to be removed or an infection and tooth abscess will eventually ensue.

The two ways the nerve is removed is either with a root canal which leaves the tooth in place or remove the tooth with the nerve inside.   Each of these options results in long term complications.

Most people including many dentists feel that when a tooth is painful the root canal or tooth extraction options are the only choices available.    Fortunately this is incorrect.

All adult teeth begin as healthy and pain free.   If decay, trauma, a deep dental filling or crown occurs to a tooth the first response by the nerve of that tooth is to become inflamed.   With early trauma or decay near the nerve of the tooth it is accurately termed acute pulpitis whether or not it is painful.

If acute pulpitis is not resolved the nerve will become a chronic pulpitis.   Eventually a chronic pulpitis will become an irreversible pulpitis or a dead nerve.   A dead nerve will need either the root canal or an extraction.

Reversing a Pulpitis

The good news when presented with a painful tooth is that most painful teeth are either an acute or chronic pulpitis and these can be reversed.   When the pulpitis is reversed these teeth are saved without root canals or extractions.

Pulpitis is reversed with homeopathic anti-inflammatories, ozone (concentrated oxygen) and a healing laser all while removing the reason for the pulpitis.   This reason may be an adverse bite, deep decay or the process of removing an old filling.

Finding the Right Dentist

The key is to find a dentist who understands the pulpitis-dead tooth, nerve necrosis distinction who can reverse a pulpitis.    Contact us if you are faced with the choices of dealing with a painful tooth.

The correct diagnosis and treatment could prevent a root canal.    My experience has been that at least 65% of all painful teeth don’t need root canals or extractions but need to have their pulpitis reversed as soon as possible.