Clarified Health: Mission to Bring Truth to Health and Wellness

Our recent political campaigns and election were further tainted by revelations that news stories were intentionally fabricated to mislead voters.   It is a wonder if anyone will believe the media including content on social media.

That is problematic for so many reasons but there are two in particular.   This avowed dishonesty not only calls into question the honesty of all media reports but will also essentially deprive those that need sound, critical information such as voters or consumers of health.

Poor Decisions from Incorrect Information

Those that need correct information to make informed decisions are left confused or worse make poor decisions based on erroneous information.   When one is faced with critical health decisions correct information is essential.   This erroneous information is either coming from writers or bloggers who themselves are uninformed or from those whose agenda is counter to the agenda of the consumers.

It is important to realize that the best correct information is actually the best, correct information at that point in time.   Our understanding of most fields of study continue to evolve and be refined so the best we can do at the moment is actually the best available information at that time.   What may have seemed to be correct information 5, 10 or 25 years ago may actually have been refined or even become obsolete.  Correct and new information hopefully has taken its place.

The best we can do, whether as a teacher, doctor or consumer, is to make decisions based on the best knowledge at that time.

What is a true disservice is to disseminate or publish knowingly deceptive, misleading information especially if critical decisions are based on that misleading information.

The agenda of Clarified Health

This brings me to the critical point of this blog entry.   As the owner and main writer for Clarified Health I have always valued providing people with a high level of health information that they can trust.   Although I continue to learn and grow in my understanding of how health and the body works I will always bring the best and most accurate information to my growing number of readers.

Whether this information is from my research or from other highly reputable researchers and bloggers my audience can also trust that the information in Clarified Health will be honest, authentic and only intended to correctly inform.   I always want you to be able to make good health decisions aligned with your agenda – to get healthy.

I sincerely hope that your loss of credibility in the media will stop before reading the blogs and information contained in Clarified Health.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me to discuss the entire area of credibility in the media please feel free to contact me at  or go to and leave a comment.

I can think of nothing more important to be an educator, doctor or blogger than the continual search for truth followed by the sharing of that truth.  After that then your health is up to you.

Always remember to enjoy the journey,

Dr. Bob