Up to one third of the adult US population suffers from fatigue.

Although it is common to suffer from situational fatigue,  when fatigue endures for weeks it becomes significant and is an indication of more health concerns such as adrenal depletion, thyroid dysfunction, severe nutritional deficiencies or worse.

Fatigue is progressive so it is critical that when it is not resolved quickly it will become more difficult to resolve over time.

Fatigue which lasts for 6 months is defined as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and is indicative of bigger health issues.    The longer  CFS lasts the more difficult it becomes to reverse the fatigue and associated health issues.

Not only is fatigue physical but mental fatigue usually accompanies the physical symptoms.   Stress has also been shown to exacerbate fatigue.

Professions associated with stress such as medical residents and CEO’s eventually demonstrate compromised energy  which they attempt to overcome with caffeine and their own adrenalin.   These groups also have shown a compromise in mental abilities as a manifestation of compromised energy.

Unfortunately the medical profession has no answer to fatigue (situational, short term or CFS) and often attribute it simply to advancing age.

What is this magic plant?

Now there is a plant extract that has shown safe, effective and predictable results in combating all levels of fatigue.   This plant extract is also effective in combating stress and demonstrates an ability to improve performance in both physical and mental tests.

This amazing plant extract is called Rhodiola rosea.    Studies have shown that Rhodiola rosea 200mg twice a day will significantly decrease all parameters of fatigue and body response to chronic stress.

Even more impressive is that Rhodiola rosea shows these results in less than one week.

Rhodiola rosea manifests decreased stress, increased sleep quality, decreased anxiety, less depression and improved executive performance.

Extensive studies have continued to validate the efficacy of Rhodiola rosea with and without placebo controls.

Stress, as shown by a population’s response to hurricanes and other natural disasters is associated with fatigue and depression.    The stress response is indicated by cortisol release from the adrenals but is controlled by the hypothalamus/pituitary (HPA) connection in the brain.   The HPA is an effective point of treatment for fatigue mitigation and hormone balance.

Stress and fatigue have been shown in numerous studies to be responsive to Rhodiola rosea.   The improved health responses appear in several studies including a study of 56 healthy physicians which were apparent in as little as 3 days.   The physicians in this study responded positively in all tests measuring fatigue (mental and physical) especially when compared to the placebo controlled groups.

Action of Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea decreases oxidative stress and increases the stress resisting protein-  Hsp70.    The bottom line is that Rhodiola rosea demonstrates the following safely and quickly:

  • Increased physical fitness and decreased mental fatigue
  • Increased feeling of well being
  • Decrease levels on the “burn out” scale
  • Increased attention
  • Decreased cortisol stress response

The impact of fatigue, anxiety, stress response and depression on quality of life, performance and general feeling of well- being is immense.

Traditional medicine has little to offer patients suffering from the above health issues other than artificial stimulants or a passing comment that fatigue is a normal condition.   These are not acceptable solutions especially when healthy and safe alternatives exist.

Rhodiola rosea is truly a healthy answer to these conditions threatening our lives and well-being.

The usual dose of Rhodiola is 250mg before breakfast and 250mg before lunch both on an empty stomach.

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Always enjoy the Journey,

Dr Bob